View from the me: Reviewing

I just order four pair of glasses from and just received my order. I thought I would share my experience, since I know a lot of us hold off on getting new glasses even when we really need them.

Rating: 5/5

Info: The website seems to be an overstock site. They have a pretty impressive selection and have cool a lot of frames that boast some really fun patterns. Typically, cheap eyeglasses online do not have a variety of designs, so seeing the patterns really make this site stand out. You select your frames, pick your color if applicable, and put your prescription in. They ship at a remarkably reliable rate, I got mine in about 3 weeks after I ordered them. They come with eyeglass case, eyeglass wipe and I even got two key-chain mini eyeglass screwdrivers.

Important Info: The glasses do not appear to always be available in all sizes. I got four pairs, between medium and large. I am relatively small with a round head, and can usually fit into teen’s frames. When I order off of other sites, I usually have to go in and have them adjusted, but all of the four frames fit me without any adjustment. Two had plastic nose cushions, and two had just the plastic frame. All four are incredibly comfortable (and I have fibromaylgia so for me to say that glasses don’t irritate my face is a big deal). The frames I ordered a large in size of the glass, so I don’t have to worry about “looking over the tops” of these glasses. I got a variety of shapes and styles, and honestly each one I like. I spent $40.19 for four pairs, plus shipping (with them all being prescription). The sunglasses are my first pair of prescription sunglasses and I can’t believe I waited this long to get a pair! They make my fibro headaches and migraines much less frequent thanks to blocking out the bright sun.
Overall, I am incredibly pleased. The frames are study, clean well, seem to have some sort of anti-glare coating and clean easily. The prescription was totally correct and it even allows you to enter PD on your prescription. The site also offers like $1 add-on items, which is how I ended up with the sunglasses. Seriously, I am so impressed and will be ordering more pairs not just for myself, but my boyfriend as well!


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