What Scorpio saw

While others looked, Scorpio saw.

All the sands of the desert, could not veil the truth

-Scorpio saw

Mirages of crystalline waters could not lure her

-Scorpio saw

Cacti roses litter the dunes, until they take flight

-Scorpio saw

On the day that it rained, Scorpio looked. Searched in the winding paths cut through the land she knew, she looked. Looked for just one, to share all that she saw. The lusty temptation of the wandering current whispered its promises- enchanting her with its beauty, but she saw the danger. A scorpion does not swim.

-But Scorpio saw

As the grounds drank greedily

-Scorpio saw

No hourglass in the desert, just the sands on the wind. No hourglass glued to the table, just the measuring of shifting dunes. No hourglass to turn, just the tempo of a desert in limbo.

No hourglass, just a rain that was gone before it came.

-And Scorpio saw


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